Apply for a physical therapy grant

Through the generous support of our donors and periodic matching funds to support our endowment, Oklahoma Physical Therapy Foundation offers three categories of competitive grants each year.

OPTF grants support direct expenses only and cannot be used for salary, fringe benefits, or overhead costs. OPTF reserves the right to decide final award amounts within this competitive grant process, with maximum awards not to exceed $1,000 per calendar year. For complete guidelines, please see the grant application.

Research grants

Physical therapists residing and licensed in the state of Oklahoma are eligible for OPTF research grants of up to $1,000 to assist with a one-year research study that investigates a question or questions of importance to physical therapy in Oklahoma. 

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to assist primarily new physical therapist investigators and to encourage research that will add to the body of knowledge related to improving physical therapy in Oklahoma.

Educational grants

Our educational grants award up to $1,000 to provide funding for educational programs that support professionals in physical therapy and may include support to individuals in the community.

Community service grants

Our community service grants award up to $1,000 to provide funding for community service projects related to physical therapy, physical activity, fitness, health, wellness, and/or prevention that positively impacts Oklahomans.

Our grant process

Oklahoma Physical Therapy Foundation’s grant process is competitive across all three categories. The OPTF Grants Committee reviews grant applications and makes recommendations to the OPTF Board of Directors on funding amounts for research, education, and community service programs who have requested funding.

The deadline for all grant applications is 5 p.m. on November 30 each year.

Review grant program guidelines

The first step in any OPTF grant application is a thorough review of the grant program guidelines and instructions in the application form.

Submit grant application

Complete your grant application, including budget justification narrative, budget form, and references and submit prior to the grant deadline.

Receive response from OPTF

The OPTF Grants Committee will review all competitive grant applications and notify all applicants of their grant status in approximately 4 weeks.

Conduct the funded activity

All research, educational programs, or community service efforts should be completed in the calendar year following your grant application. 

Provide report to OPTF 

All grant recipients should submit a summary of their activities or outcomes to OPTF within the timeline stated on the application.

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